My Flourish Story

In 2019 I was getting ready to give birth to our 4th child.

There were some medical concerns with her.


So when I was told that I didn’t pass one of the tests and would need to be put on antibiotics during labor, I didn’t think twice about it. I trusted my doctor and her advice. Well, fast forward a few months later we had relocated across the country yet again and as we settled in to Tennessee I started remembering I had been on antibiotics. I had totally forgotten about it. With that realization, I knew both myself and E needed to replenish our digestive systems. She suffered from gas, blow outs, constipation and general discomfort. We had been seeing our chiropractor for it, but there was still a level of relief that she wasn’t getting. 

In the past we had used other brands of probiotics, never feeling a difference.


But I did them anyway because I knew it was important. Well this time I wanted something that would WORK! I hate spending money on something that I don’t see results from. Now as I have learned more about probiotics, I realize I was practically throwing our money down the toilet. 


Conversations with friends came to mind from when they had shared about Flourish.

It had been helping their whole family.


One friend in particular had mentioned how potent it is. They were using 1 bottle for the whole family because the dosage to start out with varied with each person. This intrigued me since we are a family of 6, all with different issues going on. From having a “selective eater” and a daughter with Celiac Disease, (a digestive auto immune disease), we all need some help.


When I got my first bottle, I wasn’t very consistent with giving it to everyone.


Creating new habits always takes work and time. But even with my inconsistency, I saw major improvements with E. That made me a believer.  


We continued using it and personally I saw a decreases in stomach discomfort, less bloating, easier bathroom visits, and more energy! I no longer feel sluggish at 1-2 p.m. I don’t feel the need to take a nap or have coffee, and that is a big deal for a mama. The more consistent we are with it, and the longer we take it, the more benefits we have seen. I am really happy to have found it. If you want to check out more about it or order it, you can click here.


I had already been telling friends about it with every little victory


One day a friend was asking me questions, I realized I was talking like a representative for Flourish. That’s when I decided to dive in and become a partner. It was way easier and less expensive than I thought. So if you are ever interested in that side of things, let me know as I would be happy to mentor you through it. I really believe it is a great product, and something that would benefit everyone.


There are many things I have done for health and wellness over the years. I wish I had realized to focus from the inside out long ago.