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Flourish Liquid Living Probiotic is a Powerful Supplement


Flourish Liquid, Living Probiotic is a Powerful Supplement that has changed my families lives.

In 2019 I was pregnant with our 4th child

There were some health concerns with how she was developing. A velamentous cord insertion, (when the umbilical cord abnormally inserts on the edge of the placenta rather than the center) meant she was not gaining weight as she should be.

Other concerns arose and my blood pressure kept spiking. I was in the hospital for extreme chest pains, and as my due date neared there was worries over being in the early stages of pre eclampsia. When it was go time, I was told I would need to be on antibiotics during labor, and I didn’t think anything of it after all this.

Thankfully labor went very well. The only scare was that she came out not screaming, purple faced, with the cord around her throat twice. They had to take her and get her breathing, but she was back to my arms quickly. Prayers work! After all those worries about being too small in the womb, she was our biggest baby yet!

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Photo by Riley McDaid

Fast forward 8 weeks

We moved across the country from California to Tennessee. I was in a haze of activity and recovery. Baby girl was having digestive issues of gas, blow outs and painful stomach discomfort. We tried all the things. Chiropractic care, gripe water, some diet changes, all to no avail. After having 3 other kids, this was the most intense digestive issues we dealt with. But it didn’t dawn on me that it was related to the antibiotics that I had been put on during labor.

Actually, I hardly even remembered that I had been on them until about a month after settling in to TN. When I did remember, I knew I needed to do something for my gut health since antibiotics wipe out the good and the bad microbes. A friend had mentioned Flourish multiple times in our “new mama chat group”, so I decided to give it a try.

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Flourish Junior and Original

When I started using Flourish probiotics, I was shocked!!

Never had I experienced a tangible difference when taking a probiotic! But I also had never taken a liquid living probiotic before.

I could suddenly think clearer. The mommy brain was lifting. Not only was I seeing a difference in me, but I saw a MAJOR improvement in my daughter. Whom, I wasn’t even giving it to!

She was benefiting from the liquid, living probiotics THROUGH my breast milk!

Like, night and day difference. The blow outs stopped. She didn’t scream from gas discomfort at night anymore. There was no longer any need for tummy rubbing, leg pumps, gripe water.

This made me a believer of Flourish.

I also have a daughter with Celiac Disease

(A chronic gastrointestinal disease characterized by sensitivity to gluten and malabsorption from the small intestine)

After seeing the results in myself and my youngest daughter, I started giving it to all my kids. (And also to my husband.) I especially took careful notice of symptoms for my second oldest daughter who has Celiac. Not only have I seen positive things with her, but in all of us.

Personally, I saw a decrease in stomach discomfort, less bloating, easier bathroom visits, and more energy! I no longer feel sluggish at 1-2 p.m. Nor do I feel the need to take a nap or have coffee, and that is a big deal for a mama. 

I am so thankful to have such a power house of a resource available. Because I am a true believer in it, I joined Entegro as a consultant to help other families get connected with it.

So let me break down some information about Flourish and answer some common questions for you.

First off, Flourish is a living, liquid probiotic.

This is important because the bacteria is in a liquid format, it is in the most natural state that a probiotic can exist.  Also, it has 11 different strains (5 different genera) of bacteria living together in harmony. 1 tablespoon is guaranteed to have at least 8 billion CFUS.

You would need to eat 10 cups of yogurt A DAY to equal that. Or drink 4 bottles of kombucha A DAY! Drinking that much kombucha could add up to $382.72 a month. ( I wouldn’t recommend that route as it would also include excessive sugar intake.)

two hands holding liquid living probiotics in shot glasses
Cheers to good gut health!

 Flourish is brewed in the U.S.A in small artisanal batch, old world style. Entegro has worked very hard to use only the best ingredients available that help the microbes thrive. Each batch is also third party tested to ensure the highest standards are kept and that 1 tablespoon contains a minimum of 8 billion CFUs.

 Entegro believes in the theory of consortia, which is the process of co-growth from the very start. This means that the eleven strains grow up together. These strains are grown together in community, resulting in microorganisms that become a small eco-system. Making them much more resilient and capable of working together synergistically. In nature, strains do not exist in isolation. This helps them know each other and how to function with one another. When they enter the digestive tract, they know how to beneficially populate the digestive tract and how to remove the bad microbes.

They also create an environment that the bacteria are happiest in – acidic.

Entegro health flourish original

Being in an acidic state ensures that it is delivered full and alive inside our bodies to the digestive tract; surviving through the stomach acid.  Each strain develops while interacting with other strains. Most probiotics are in powder from and the strains have been grown individually and combined only after having been centrifuged and freeze-dried.

Many companies remove the microbes from their food sources. They then put them in a state of sleep with freeze drying and put them in to pill form. This is not an optimal environment for delivery in to the human body. It is convenient for shipping, stocking and storing at retailers which is often the reason behind it.

If there is one thing I could suggest for the betterment of your wellness, it would be to try Flourish. 80% of the immune system is in the digestive tract! That is like a neon sign saying “focus here”! Good bacteria help us resist disease. The good bacteria in Flourish living liquid probiotics may help restore and replenish the natural balance of good microbes in our gut.

There are two options: Flourish Original and Flourish Junior.

The chart below gives a good break down of the differences, but the main difference is taste. Flourish Original tastes sort of like prune juice, has a deeper flavor. My kids like to mix it with grape juice and this is our favorite way to take it. Flourish Junior tastes kind of like kombucha, a crisp lighter taste.

Either Original or Junior can be taken by adults or kids. The name just helps differentiate between flavors but it really is up to personal taste preference. If you want to, you can mix it with juice like we do. Or add it to smoothies, applesauce, yogurt etc. Just don’t add it to anything warm or hot because that can kill off the microbes.

If you have never tried a living liquid probiotic before, please consider what it could do for you.

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Support brain health
  • Boost energy
  • Boost metabolism
  • Benefit oral health
  • Enhance the production and absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Support brain health-improving anxiety, depression and ADHD
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Support healthy weight management
  • Support digestive health after C-Section delivery
  • Improve food digestion
  • Promote bowel regularity
  • Relieve bloating from gas
  • Restore gut microbiota after antibiotic use
  • Recolonize beneficial microbes to the GI tract after C-Section
  • Reduce symptoms of IBS, inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s
  • Facilitate the mechanisms that build bone density
  • Support healthy inflammatory response
  • Decrease inflammation

If you have any other questions you can reach out to me through my contact form . Or you most likely can find the answer over on the Entegro website FAQ section.

two bottles of Flourish probiotics on counter with pen

Ok, let’s be real here. Are you waring of trying new things? Does this sound maybe too good to be true? One great option is there is a 30 day challenge! If you consistently take Flourish for 30 days and don’t FEEL a difference, you can get your money back! To me, that totally takes the pressure off.

You can find more information on the challenge here.

And if you would like to try it out this powerful liquid living probiotic, my site is here. It would be my honor to help you get started on Flourish.

Becoming a Partner:

Friends were asking me what we used for probiotics and as I was answering their questions, I realized I sounded like a consultant. I started looking in to what it entailed to be an Entegro consultant and was really impressed with their business plan. So I decided to partner with them because I knew that this product was actually different.

I decided to give being a consultant a year to make a profit. The discount itself would make it worth it for my family. Little did I know that I would make my first commission check in my first full month! I really believe in the power of Flourish and am so glad to have found an incredible company to partner with on top of it.

I also joined the best team, The Flourish Society. That may sound biased, but I’ve been happy to be on a team that supports each other so well. If you ever have questions about becoming a partner, please feel free to reach out and ask.


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